Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#Swag: Recap and Haul from San Diego Comic Con

The view from the roof of the convention center. 

I haven't even finished unpacking from San Diego Comic Con, and I already want to go back. Scratch that, I wanted to go back when I was packing up my hotel room on Monday. My second SDCC ever, it was absolutely lives up to the hype.

Pics or it didn't happen:

Made it into Hall H for the Batman '66 panel to see my idols:
Burt Ward, Adam West and Julie Newmar.

Took some photos as/with Batman for
my friends at Committed Comics.
Spent a lot of time at the Hilton Bayfront with the most
incredible people on the planet, including these lovely ladies.
Made very good use of my Instax camera!
Met up with the AMAZING DC team behind the new Batgirl––
Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr, Brenden Fletcher, and Mark Doyle.
And! Debuted my (unofficial) Batgirl "Oh Snap!" tee shirt,
modeled here by Steph.
Haul (everything I bought* at Comic Con) after the jump!

*Most of these are gifts! And some of them were given to me by vendors/friends-- THANK YOU!

Some incredible prints + this Yuki 7 Umbrella from
Tiffany Ford! Go follow her on tumblr right now!
Another print for my space bedroom by Scott C.
These are so badass. By Nooligan.
Adventure Time, Stephen Universe, Bee and the Puppycat
exclusive covers and Lumberjanes badges from Boom!

Bee and the Puppycat Con Exclusive Sword,
and a Magic The Gathering POP vinyl figure.
I took a survey to score this Sailor Moon poster!

This makes me LOL.
This creepy little guy is from Scott Wilkowski.
He will be living at my desk to ward off evil mobile
 device spirits from my agency projects.

And that's it! For more photos and tweets (and oh so many selfies with my friends,) check out my instagram and twitter.) I posted a lot, lot more throughout the week(end).

I can't even begin to describe how happy and grateful I feel to have been a part of SDCC again this year. Thanks to my friends at Committed Comics for coordinating my badge, and to all my new and old friends that I got to spend so much time with this year! <3 #BYE!

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