Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Long Distance Relationship

I've always ruled out long-distance relationships, but in approaching them again as an adult, I don't think they're half bad. Since my partner lives in a different country, I've been thinking a lot about this topic, and I figured I'd share some of my expert findings.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

PAX: Top 3 Games I demo'd

PAX Prime was this past weekend, and I had a blast.
It was a whirlwind, but I thought I'd offer up some quick thoughts on some of the games I played!

The Wolf Among Us
Telltale Games

Okay, so maybe I'm biased, but The Wolf Among Us was one of my favorites of the weekend. Based on the Fables series by my friend Bill Willingham, the demo I played of Wolf Among Us took me through meaty brawl with the huntsman, which I failed a couple of times before winning. The game is gorgeously true to the comics, and really story-centric and immersive. I can't wait to explore more, and hopefully get better at punching people.

Media Molecule

Tearaway is just plain adorable. It shares a lot of similarities with Little Big Planet, and is a papery, bouncy, colorful world of little arts and craftsy people that you get to play god for. The different touch interfaces of the Vita make the tangibility of the game art even more fun. All around, fun, adorable, and looks like something that would be fresh to play the whole way through.

Neverending Nightmares
Kickstarter here

I played Neverending Nightmares in a blacked out isolation booth with headphones, and had to do some deep breathing to keep myself calm. The game is styled after the art of Edward Gorey, based on the creator's own struggles with depression, and is creeeeeepy. Flat and super simple, the Neverending Nightmares is about remembering (or trying to) your nightmares and being brave enough to figure them out. I'm curious to see what the relationship between the protagonist and the female characters turns out to be.

I've only played 10 or 20 minutes of each of these games, but based on first impressions, I would recommend any of them. Game on, bros!

&&& If you want more on PAX Prime 2013, (and it's icky reputation), check out my sister's blog entry here!