Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How a selfie will change the fate of our planet.

Planetary Resources has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to build and launch the world's first publicly funded and controlled telescope. The telescope will provide access for schools and universities, outreach to people who may have never discovered their love of space before, and provide amazing trophies (shown above) for anyone with $25 and an internet connection.

I'm a big fan of space... anything, and as such I believe that the solutions to a lot of our earth's problems can be found in space. Space exploration has had an impact on everything from medical technology, to digital communication, to education, and I believe it is our duty to support the private and public space industries at every "Opportunity." (ha. Space Joke.)

I'll be at the war room for the Kickstarter all day today at The Museum of Flight in Seattle. I'm sitting across from Frank Mycroft of PRI, and next to Hank Green (Vlog Brothers). Brent Spiner (Data) will be here later. This is a pretty amazing day for space geeks everywhere.

I had the pleasure of participating in and designing for the launch of this Kickstarter, and I hope you will find a backer level that suits you, and contribute to the project-- if not for the sweet selfie, for the students that will have the opportunity to explore space as never before.

When you pledge your support to the Arkyd campaign, you can also add on one of the t-shirts I designed for Planetary Resources. "Dino Revenge" is mine!

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